Eric Joisel

One of our most popular films ever was 2009’s Between the Folds, Vanessa Gould’s examination of the art and science of origami folding through the perspectives of the greatest living origamists in the world. One of the featured folders was Frenchman Eric Joisel, who we also featured on PBS Arts. Vanessa fills us in on a new exhibition of his work:

Following Eric Joisel’s death in October 2010, his close family and friends gathered at his farmhouse work studio outside Paris and began going through his life’s work, piece by piece.  Even now, how he created much of it remains a mystery.  A year and a half later, 65 pieces of Eric’s work created throughout his 30-year career are on display at the Musée du Papier in France — the first ever solo exhibit of his work in his home country.  By all accounts, it’s one of the most beautifully conceived exhibits of folded paper ever.

All photos of the exhibition taken by Patrick BLANCHIER, courtesy of Vanessa Gould.