Blood Brother Filmmakers to Live-Tweet During Broadcast

bloodbrotherposter_smallerWhen Blood Brother has its broadcast television premiere on Monday, January 20 at 10 p.m. [check local listings], the film’s director, Steve Hoover, and producer, Danny Yourd, will be logging in to Twitter to chat alongside the film the Hollywood Reporter called “an incisive and compassionate documentary that’s as much a transformative experience for audiences as it was for the filmmakers.” The live tweeting will happen for Blood Brother‘s east coast premiere (10 ET).

You can follow the film’s official twitter feed here: @bloodbrotherdoc

You can also join the discussion by using this hashtag on Twitter: #bloodbrotherdoc

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Become a part of the discussion for this “stirring documentary directed with narrative depth and unguarded heart.” [New York Times]

Rocky Braat and Surya, in Blood Brother

Rocky Braat and Surya, in Blood Brother

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  • Renee McNeil

    Wow! Blown away by the selfless love! To God be the glory!

  • Danny Stogsdill

    Awesome. absolute compassion. I take so much for granted.

  • Paulo Zepol

    This guy is Mother Teresa.

  • Indieview

    A most memorable story unlike anything I’ve seen previously. Thank you, filmmakers!

    I wish it was possible to learn more about the ‘backstory’ behind Rocky Braat and the film. I also wish it wasn’t necessary to enable commenting about the film without joining third party social media sites; Facebook and Twitter.

    • underdog

      Hi there, you can learn a bit more about the film’s backstory by reading our follow-up post here:
      Thanks for the comments and for watching!

      • Indieview

        By following the links from your follow-up post I’ve learned about criticism your film has received regarding possible ties with a fundamentalist Evangelical group, ‘weservelivelove’.

        Rocky has apparently posted at their website, and the site’s founder Tomol claims to have created the L.I.G.H.T. donation site.

        When I watched your film I wondered how Rocky initially supported himself when he first went to India. He obviously didn’t need a great amount of money, but over time he had to have had some means of support. Now, he gets support from donations and media sales.

        Do you have Rocky’s permission to comment on the accusation that he has ties to Christian Evangelicals? I’m troubled to have learned about it; once again it appears that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.

  • kittiecorner

    This film touched me to the core. All around the world, Surya and children like him ask so little of life. So much of their suffering could be alleviated with simple fixes that cost very little money.
    Day after day we are inundated with important stories and breathless updates about Justin Bieber. While this spoiled, overpaid kid and his thug buddies are wasting millions of dollars on their beloved bling, getting ‘tats’ and buying bottles of champagne at strip clubs, innocents like Surya are suffering through life and dying terrible, lonely deaths, having done nothing to deserve it, without anyone even knowing their names or that they had been born, lived, or died. Luckily, Rocky and the filmmakers were able to share some of their names with the rest of us in this important film. Without Rocky’s care, Surya would have died. Without anyone’s care, millions do.
    Now, after his latest escapades, Justin Bieber’s mother has asked all of us to pray for him. Sorry. I’ll save my prayers for Rocky Braat and the orphans he loves.

  • Bill Hanel

    Rocky is an inspiration. What a lovely soul he has.

  • Mags Keti

    He clearly is an evangelical, which is completely glossed over in the movie. When I began researching the organization while considering a donation, I began to realize that they believe converting kids to Christianity is an important part of this. People who consider donating to this organization should be told this upfront. This is deeply concerning to me. They will no doubt come back and say this is not true but Rocky has a personal blog and I’ve seen some blogs of volunteers who’ve been to his home, Christians, who say this upfront. I don’t doubt his sincerity and love for these children, but being misleading does call into question his honesty.