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Moral Dilemmas in 10 War Films

By Craig Phillips The central dilemma in Dan Krauss‘s documentary The Kill Team (premiering on PBS tonight) is grappled with by an American soldier in Afghanistan who found members of his platoon were committing immoral war crimes, and wanted to blow the whistle … Continue reading

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American Dreaming: Small Towns Through the Movies

By Craig Phillips Rich Hill is a new example of a realistic portrayal of a small American town, through the eyes of three young residents and their struggling families, but the fascination with (capital letters intended) Small Town America has been … Continue reading

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Best Documentaries of 2014: Scanning the Critics’ Lists

The critics have spoken. And they’re saying… a lot of different things, but when it comes to picking the best documentary films of the year there is plenty of common ground. We’ve surveyed a wide variety of critics and publications … Continue reading

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5 Independent Lens Films for Veteran’s Day

In honor of our nation’s veterans on Veteran’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of a few Independent Lens films that centered around American soldiers. While the day was initially intended to honor soldiers who fought in WWI (timed with the 11th … Continue reading

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LGBT Pride: Movies That Rocked Their World

June is LGBT Pride Month, and traditionally it’s been both a time for reflection on gay history and struggles (originally created to commemorate the Stonewall riots of June 1969), along with a colorful, pride-ful celebration of many important achievements and milestones. Since Independent Lens is naturally … Continue reading

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Bill Siegel’s 12 Documentaries That Had Biggest Impact on Him

  Documentary filmmaker Bill Siegel, whose previous film (co-directed with Sam Green) The Weather Underground was nominated for an Oscar, returns to the world of American political activism and history with his latest film, The Trials of Muhammad Ali. The film … Continue reading

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March Madness: Best Basketball Films

With the upcoming broadcast television premiere of Medora (on PBS, Monday March 31 at 10 pm; check local listings), not to mention that we’re in the midst of NCAA basketball “March Madness,” we have the sport of James Naismith firmly on … Continue reading

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Some of Our Favorite Oscar-Nominated Documentaries

As it’s Academy Award time again, where one feature documentary out of five worthy finalists is chosen as Best, it seemed fitting to take a trip down memory lane for that Oscar category in particular. In honor of the fact … Continue reading

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The Best of the Best Documentaries of 2013 Lists List

It was a good year for documentaries. Maybe we say that every year, but 2013 felt particularly strong. How can anyone keep track of all the excellent non-fiction films you need to see (and check off the ones you’ve already … Continue reading

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Best Docs Streaming on Netflix List via Uproxx

Thanks to Ryan Perry on Uproxx for compiling this list of the 25 Best Documentaries available to stream on Netflix, especially since [horn tooting sound] 11 of them are Independent Lens films and/or ITVS-funded films. Here are the Independent Lens … Continue reading

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