Mad Men‘s season has ended — whatever shall we do with our craving for mid-century grooviness and salesmanship? Fortunately, Independent Lens has a film coming up this Tuesday, Oct. 26 that will help fill that empty place inside. It’s called Art & Copy, and it’s a film by Doug Pray (called one of documentary film’s 15 best talents around 40ish by P.O.V.’s blogger Tom Roston).
Picture 1.pngOf course we always try to offer something tasty on our website for viewers who come visit, and this week it’s a Do-It-Yourself Ad Slogan Generator. That’s right — we’ve taken the tried and true taglines and jingles such as “Got milk? and “Where’s the beef?” and made them deliciously weird by letting you provide some keywords and letting the way-back Madison Avenue machine spit out a custom-made barrage of new slogans.
Tell us some of the especially funny ones you generate. In the IL offices, some of our favorites have been “Martini. It’s what’s for dinner.” and “We make money the old fashioned way. We obliterate it.” Try your hand at it.