Feelin’ Lucky? Enter the Soul Food Junkies Pin It to Win It Contest

Score an Independent Lens gift basket, including a collection of Independent Lens and Soul Food Junkies inspired cookbooks, by entering our #SoulFoodJunkies contest on Pinterest.

How do we celebrate both the the premiere of Soul Food Junkies on January 14th and the launch of our Independent Lens Pinterest page? Well, with our very own #SoulFoodJunkies Pin It to Win It campaign of course!

Starting on Tuesday, January 8, pin any one of our seven healthy soul-food-inspired recipes with the hashtag #SoulFoodJunkies and be entered to win a collection of Independent Lens/soul-food-inspired cookbooks, including host Stanley’s The Tucci Cookbook and Soul Food Junkies own Bryant Terry’s Inspired Vegan and Vegan Soul Kitchen. We may even include a little Independent Lens swag for your trouble — think rockin’ T-shirts and water bottles dedicated to your favorite independent documentary show!

So check out our recipes (maybe even submit your own!), tune in to Soul Food Junkies Monday on PBS (check local listings), and get pinning! The contest officially closes Thursday, January 17th at 5pm PST.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/nancybt Nancy B. Thompson

    HOW does one “pin” a recipe??? Hashtag # seems to me to indicate Twitter – and I do not Twit. Again, How Does One Enter this Contest???

  • amychri

    Great show! I didn’t realize it would share so much about healthy eating and food justice. I like that it’s through the lens of soul food.

  • Diane Montgomery

    Byron Hurt weakens what otherwise is an interesting piece when he resorts to the very tiresome practice of blaming. It goes too far, calling ‘food deserts’ racist and telling us African Americans “taught Southerners to cook”. Certainly there was a strong African impact, but there were many other influences on Southern cuisine, among them simple poverty that was, and is not, the exclusive domain of any race or ethnic group. Our Southern ancestry includes Native Americans, Frenchmen, Greeks, Germans, Hispanics and many others who would be surprised to hear their ancestors were taught to cook by African Americans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.e.hart.1 Patricia Ellen Hart

    Inspirational documentary! Excellent job. I think it is more a poverty divide than a racial divide. Great points!

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