Independent Lens Goes to the 84th Academy Awards

We’re lucky enough to be able to share these gorgeous photos from Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony, thanks to Danfung Dennis — who was nominated for Best Documentary Feature for Hell and Back Again – and Susan Margolin of New Video. Enjoy!

Nathan and Ashley Harris arrive at the theater.

Director Danfung Dennis and Ashley Harris in the limo on the way to the awards ceremony.

Sgt. Nathan Harris prepares to dress for the cermonies.

Ashley Harris prepares for the ceremony by unwrapping a gift from Susan Margolin of New Video.

Ashley Harris, Sgt. Nathan Harris, Danfung Dennis, Courtney Brown, and Mike Lerner.

Ashley Harris, Sgt. Nathan Harris, director Danfung Dennis, Courtney Brown, and producer Mike Lerner on the red carpet.

POV Series Producer Simon Kilmurray and Independent Lens Series Producer Lois Vossen.

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  • Joanne Murray

    Just left a comment on another site, but THIS update in 2012 leaves me feeling and hoping that your lives are continuing to go in a positive direction. I was nice to see both of you together at the Academy Awards ceremony. I had hoped that you would not fall apart at a time when it takes great strength to hold on and keeping trying to move forward. I wish you both all life’s best. Make “lemonade out of lemons”!!!! Bless you.

  • disqus_JKzqujf2GH

    I wrote this comment for another article but it wouldn’t accept my ID so I’m posting the same comment here because it is what my heart feels. It’s Veterans Day 2014 and I just watched this documentary about Sgt. Nathan Harris. I’ve seen movies about this war but nothing shows how bad it is for our military as an imbedded photographer.
    I feel so bad for Nathan and wish I could do something to help his wife to relieve the stress she is feeling. (I am a 72 year old female.) I’ve been searching the internet to find out how he is coming along with therapy but can’t find anything. PTSD is just as serious a condition as cancer, Parkinson, etc.
    It was great to see that Nathan and Ashley were at the Academy Awards. Handsome devil he is with his beautiful wife. I am so glad to see that he is on his way for mental healing as well as his leg. Good luck in all your endeavors but more importantly I hope your healing gets to the point that life is normal for you again.