Live Chat with The Calling Director Danny Alpert

Daniel Alpert - photo.jpgUPDATE: Did you watch part one of the series last night? You can still catch the last episode of the special series The Calling on PBS tonight at 9 PM. But first, here’s your chance to participate in a live chat with the director of the series, Danny Alpert. The chat will commence at 2pm ET (1pm CT, 11am PT). Start thinking: what is the role of faith in your life? Have you ever considered making your faith your career? How important is it to you for your job to reflect your moral and ethical values? Is the clergy an attractive professional option to you? Do you think the public perception of the clergy has changed over the past few generations? We want to hear from you. Ask your questions of Danny right here.

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  • PinkMuslimah

    I am a Western convert to Shia Islam. I wish very much that you had covered a Shia seminarian. I know that it is diffuclt to access the Hawza in Qum, Iran, but we also have centres of study in London and other cities throughout the world. It would also be interesting to see what progress has been made in revitalising the Hawza at Najaf.
    If you ever do a project like this again, would you be willing to cover Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions?