A Himba child in Namibia (photo by Rita Willaert/Flickr)

Our ancestors were nomads, but today, out of 6.8 billion people, only 30 million lead migratory lives. Summer Pasture (tonight on Independent Lens at 10 PM  — check local listings ) spotlights a nomadic family in the grasslands of Dzachukha in eastern Tibet. Locho, his wife Yama, and their infant daughter depend on yaks for their survival, but Dzachukha is becoming more settled, threatening their way of life.

Many nomadic societies around the world are facing threats to their way of life by forced resettlement, climate change, political unrest, armed conflict, and assimilation into modern urban cities.

Here’s a sampling of nomadic people throughout the globe who maintain the peripatetic lifestyle despite its challenges.

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