Lost Sparrow Director Chris Billing Discusses Excavating Family Secrets

Journalist and filmmaker Chris Billing talked to us about making Lost Sparrow, a deeply personal film about the secrets that killed his brothers and tore his family apart. The film premieres on Independent Lens on Tuesday, November 16 on PBS (check local listings). What impact do you hope this film will have? Lost Sparrow is … READ MORE

Poll: The Greatest War Documentary Ever Made?

We at Independent Lens would like to wish all of our servicemen and servicewomen — past and present — and their families a happy Veterans Day. Check out this video message from America Ferrera honoring all you do. See more Independent Lens. To mark this day, we thought we’d conduct an informal poll of you, … READ MORE

Fill in the Blank: Whatever Happened to _________?

Here at the Independent Lens Blog, we’re looking to improve your experience by filling in some inevitable blanks created by the passage of time. We’ve broadcast hundreds of films, now that we’re in our 9th official season. Over those years, you’ve met an incredible range of characters: politicians, activists, artists, musicians, students, parents, grandparents, attempted … READ MORE

John J. Valadez on the Making of The Longoria Affair

The Longoria Affair (El caso Longoria) premieres on Independent Lens on Tuesday, November 9 at 10 PM (check local listings). We sat down with filmmaker John J. Valadez to talk about his motivations for filming this story and why so many people have never heard of this pivotal event in American history. What led you … READ MORE

Watch a Bonus Scene from Reel Injun

Did you catch Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian last night? Or maybe your local PBS station hasn’t aired it yet (you can check here). Either way, we thought you might like this extra morsel that didn’t make it into the broadcast version of the film. Director Neil Diamond went to a … READ MORE

Neil Diamond Reflects on Making Reel Injun

Tomorrow is the premiere of Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian. We caught up with filmmaker Neil Diamond to talk about the film and his motivations. Catch the film tomorrow, Nov. 2, at 10 PM on Independent Lens (check local listings). What impact do you hope this film will have? I hope … READ MORE

Three Independent Lens Films Nominated for IDA Awards

The International Documentary Association has given Independent Lens not one, not two, but three big compliments today, announcing that a trifecta of this season’s films have been nominated for prestigious IDA Awards. Congratulations to the filmmakers! Waste Land by Lucy Walker was nominated for the top prize, Outstanding Feature Documentary. Two other upcoming IL shows … READ MORE

The Loss of an Artist: Vanessa Gould Remembers Eric Joisel

The world lost a gentle and brilliant origamist earlier this month in Eric Joisel, the master paper folder featured in Vanessa Gould’s Peabody Award-winning film Between the Folds. The film, which premiered on Independent Lens last year and will be rebroadcast January 18, featured Joisel as “The Artist.” Gould sent us this tribute. With the … READ MORE

Doug Pray Discusses the Making of Art & Copy

Art & Copy debuts on Independent Lens on Tuesday, October 26. Check your local listings. Meanwhile, here’s some behind-the-scenes insight from director Doug Pray: What impact do you hope this film will have? I hope it will encourage better advertising. Commercial communication is not going to disappear from our environment anytime soon. Ninety-five percent of … READ MORE

Channel Your Inner Don Draper

Mad Men‘s season has ended — whatever shall we do with our craving for mid-century grooviness and salesmanship? Fortunately, Independent Lens has a film coming up this Tuesday, Oct. 26 that will help fill that empty place inside. It’s called Art & Copy, and it’s a film by Doug Pray (called one of documentary film’s … READ MORE

Independent Lens Comes to You with Community Cinema

If you read today’s New York Times, you may have read about a pretty cool outreach program that brings our films into local communities in partnership with area and national non-profit organizations. It’s called Community Cinema, and the idea is that you and your neighbors can gather, watch a free movie and eat popcorn together, … READ MORE

Watch The Parking Lot Movie Free on PBS.org

We know, schedules are tight, DVRs fill up, or we just plain forget to tune in to a show we planned to watch. To make sure that everybody who wants to see our films has an opportunity to do so, we often offer them for free in their entirety on PBS.org for a week after … READ MORE