Graphic for POV's Greatest Documentaries of All Time poll

What does it mean to be the greatest? This week our sister series, POV, launched an ambitious survey which will culminate in a master list of the greatest documentaries of all time. Obviously, we have our own favorites (wink, wink … nudge, nudge), but encourage our fans to crowdsource their documentary faves, for the love of non-fiction filmmaking. Think Sight and Sound magazine’s critics poll meets American Idol meets your own instant viewing queue!

The survey launched on Thursday, November 7, with approximately 300 documentary titles, but it doesn’t stop there. Anyone can add new entries. Vote for as many films as you like — but only once — by 5pm ET, Thursday, November 29th.

Continue checking the POV’s Documentary Blog throughout the month for posts by documentary filmmakers and aficionados discussing best documentary picks. Who knows? Your favorite could end up at the top!