Take the Ultimate Sesame Street Quiz!

In our preparation for the television broadcast premiere of Being Elmo (April 5 and April 9 at 10pm), we thought we’d whip up another quiz for our audience, many of whom probably watched Sesame Street in the Mr. Hooper era, long before there was an Elmo.

Sesame Street has been on for a few months longer than I, personally, have been alive, but my memories of the show back then are tattooed on my brain. See if yours are, too.

[This quiz is now closed at the request of the Sesame Workshop. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

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  • Stannie

    Wow, what a great walk down memory lane — considering I was born in 1965, I’m surprised I remember this much of “Sesame Street”!

  • Cynpilsan

    I LOVE Sesame Street, Jim Henson, Biran, Kevin, Steve, Carroll & everybody!!!!

    • Sherri McElligott

      24 out of 24 Love that show always!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJSTNMFU2BPTAMMPJ6WDBCBV5Y T

    This is the most fun a 57 year old had in a looooong time.

  • tim dugan

    how does 18 out of 38 make 38%???

    • http://zotmeister.livejournal.com/ Zotmeister

      It doesn’t. But 18 out of FORTY-eight makes 37.5%, which gets rounded up. – ZM

  • http://zotmeister.livejournal.com/ Zotmeister

    Wow – this was delightfully challenging! I only got 23 out of 48. – ZM

  • Jim/avenger

    I got only 13 correct. I feel embarassed. I was born in 1981 and watched it quite often early in my life.

  • Ptura

    One of the most loveable set of characters ever on TV and one of the most talented set of people behind the characters. I’ve worked with many of them in the recording studios to make toys and they are as loveable off stage as they are on stage.