Summer Pasture

Thursdays are already a pretty cool day, given their proximity to Friday and the weekend. They’re even cooler with “Throwback Thursdays,” because who doesn’t love going retro?

For Throwback Thursdays this summer, we dig into the Independent Lens archives each week for the revival of a previously aired, fan favorite film. The “throwback” docs are available for one week only, so take advantage while you can.

First up is Lynn True and Nelson Walker’s Peabody Award-winning Summer Pasture, which explores the unprecedented obstacles facing modern Tibetan nomads. With their pastoral traditions confronting rapid modernization, a family must reconcile the challenges that threaten to drastically reshape their existence. Watch the video for one week (through July 30th) online on PBS video.

Coming up on Throwback Thursdays:

[Spoiler alert!] Here’s the rest of our Throwback Thursday films for the summer:
7/31: Seeking Asian Female
8/7: Soul Food Junkies
8/14: Strong!
8/21: Indian Relay
8/28: The Graduates (Los Graduados)

You can also get reminders for each week’s offerings by checking out the IL Facebook page, or our Twitter feed.