artists_8834.jpgOK, so we asked you to enter our “Are You a Visionary?” art contest, and boy, did you ever wow us with your talent. We never want Artists Month to end! In fact, we had originally planned to have only 10 finalists, but it was so hard to choose only 10 (and some of us went to bat for our personal favorites) that we decided to include 15 in the final vote.
So check out the slideshow of our talented contestants’ work, and then vote for your favorite. You can vote only once a day. Polling will close on Monday, April 25 at noon PDT. We’ll announce our winner on April 26!

(This works best if you click the four arrows icon in the bottom right of the window to make the slideshow full-screen, and click “show info” as the slideshow plays, to learn more about each piece and the artists.)
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