bumper-sticker-th.jpgIn The Parking Lot Movie, which airs tonight as the season premiere of Independent Lens on PBS at 10PM (check local listings), the overeducated attendants who work at The Corner Parking Lot spend a great deal of time pondering the meaning of life. So much so that there is an undercurrent of absurdity in their earnest search for universal truths while they play “flip cone” and breathe exhaust fumes in a rickety little shack in Charlottesville, Virginia.
That got us thinking about classical philosophy applied to America’s car culture. And so we made a groovy little time-waster for you to distill your personal unique viewpoint down to a glib, mass-marketed bumper sticker! What could be more rewarding? Take the quiz, then tell us which sticker you got, and if you think it was accurate in the comments.