A young woman dressed in a 1920s-style white dress, white gloves and matching floppy hat holds a purse and stands on a city street next to a young man wearing a dark suit, patterned scarf and hat.

“The idea for the script began when I started to think about different present-day experiences that I was having from a larger historical perspective,” writes filmmaker Rodney Evans. “This led to my research into the Harlem Renaissance and Bruce Nugent at the Schomburg Library in Harlem. The more I learned about Nugent, the more fascinated I became.”

Sneak behind the scenes and get the inside scoop on BROTHER TO BROTHER. Read Writer/Director/Producer Rodney Evans’s filmmaker’s statement to learn more what inspired him to write the screenplay. Peruse the filmmaker Q&A to find out more about the making of the film. Meet the cast and view the film credits for a list of the people involved.

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