The year was 1968. The Vietnam War was polarizing the country. 

When anti-war protestors clashed with police forces during the Democratic National Convention, the resulting Chicago Conspiracy Trial was a media circus pitting courtroom authorities against movement leaders. 
Blending original animation and rare archival footage, CHICAGO 10 tells the story of 10 Americans who dared to take a stand. Read more about the film Illustration: Headshot of Abbie Hoffman looking down, glowering. An American flag is tied as a gag around his mouth. White stars cascade down his black hair and encircle his shoulders. Check Local Listings Watch Preview
Cast members included Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, the Yippies and courtroom regulars, all of whom combined theatrics with courtroom drama at the trial. From the convention to the courtroom and from the White House to the streets, war in Vietnam provided the backdrop for protests, riots and assassinations at home.
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Illustration: Four young men stand facing the viewer defiantly, including Abbie Hoffman and Bobby Seale with his arms crossed. Behind them are a long wooden table scattered with papers and several men in suits.
Photo of an army tank rolling down the street with groups of policemen on either side of it.
Illustration: Overhead scene of a courtroom showing the jury on one side and two tables for the defendants and prosecutor. A man, seen from the back, faces the judge at his bench.
Three posters that read Yippie!, Join the Conspiracy and Welcome to Chicago.

Photo of a policeman with his arm locked around the neck of a young woman with short blond hair. Another policeman, wearing a helmet and carrying a rifle, looks at them.

Photo of a row of policemen dressed in black helmets and riot gear, holding billy clubs.
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