Filmmaker Micha Peled, holding a video camera, films a girl sleeping against a pile of blue jeans and another girl resting with her head on a table

"I wanted to put a human face on this issue of modern slavery," writes filmmaker Micha Peled. "We all know that Third World workers are being exploited on our behalf. But as long as they are faceless masses, we can easily ignore the problem. Once viewers get to know Jasmine and her friends as just normal teenagers with dreams, humor and personal journals, it’s no longer acceptable that these girls are treated so poorly just so we can have cheap clothes."

Read The Making of CHINA BLUE to learn more about how filmmaker Micha Peled got inside access to a Chinese garment factory.

Peruse the filmmaker Q&A to find out why Peled's goal is to expose what goes on in the lives of factory workers.

View the filmmaker bio to find out about his other works.


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