Tommy Hilfiger

A pair of Tommy Hilfiger blue jeans

Price range for a pair of jeans: $62.50 to $125

The process: Workers at the Tarrant blue jean factory in Ajalpan, Mexico manufacturing Tommy Hilfiger jeans reported working in slave labor conditions, earning 40 dollars a week working more than ten hours a day. In 2003, workers who protested and formed an independent union were fired.

The spin: “I think it’s absurd that people make clothes in places in the world that are not of U.S. standards.”—Tommy Hilfiger, in response to accusations of using sweatshop labor

The record: When management at the Tarrant factory unjustly dismissed workers in 2003, Tommy Hilfiger responded by pulling their business out of the factory without acknowledging the problems at hand. Sweatshop advocates claimed the incident was a classic “cut-and-run” response to labor problems. The company continues to use sweatshop labor in Latin America and Asia.

Did you know? The hourly wage for workers producing Tommy Hilfiger garments ranges from 23 cents to 1.75 dollars. CEO Tommy Hilfiger’s hourly wage is 10,769 dollars.

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