Film Credits

Produced, Directed, & Photographed by
Aaron Schock

Edited by
Mark Becker

Produced by
Jannat Gargi

Gran Circo México
Juventino “Tino” Ponce Ledezma
Ivonne Galindo Valenzuela
Juventino “Cáscaras” Ponce Galindo
Julio César Ponce Galindo
Moisés Ponce Galindo
Alexia Guadalupe Ponce Galindo
Alfredo “Don Gilberto” Ponce García
Guadalupe “Doña Lupe” Ledezma Ortiz
Gilberto “Tacho” Ponce Ledezma
Erika Ponce Ledezma
Reyna Irene Ponce Ledezma
Alejandra García Tirado
Naydelín Virgen Ponce

Original Score by Calexico

Joey Burns - Guitars, Cello, Upright Bass, Mandolin, Keyboards
John Convertino - Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Keyboard
Marco Rosano - Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Melodica
Jacob Valenzuela -Trumpet
Naim Amor - Violin

Recorded by
Chris Schultz

Mixed by
Craig Schumacher

Assistant Editor
Viviana Díaz

Editorial Consultants
Richard Hankin
Paola Gutiérrez-Ortiz

Language Consultant
Paola Gutiérrez-Ortiz

Written by
Aaron Schock & Mark Becker

Sound Edit and Mix
Ron Bochar
Lidia Templenizza
Chad Birmingham

Will Cox

Graphics by
Kristyn Hume

Filmed in the Mexican States of

Thank You
Circo Dunbar
Circo España
Circo García
Grayson Craddock
Film Independent
Carlos Gutiérrez
Independent Film Project
Justine Jacob
Connor Kalista
James Longley
Lorena Luciano
Nadine Maleh
Albert Maysles
Dan Pepper
Filippo Piscopo
Thom Powers
David Redmon
Ashley Sabin
Marya Schock
Lorca Sheppard
Timothy K. Smith
Renee Stonebraker
Jaime Omar Yassin

Major Funding Provided by
New York State Council on the Arts
Jerome Foundation
The Paley Center for Media

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Circo is a co-production of Hecho A Mano Films
and The Independent Television Service (ITVS)
with funding by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

This program was produced by Hecho A Mano Films which is solely responsible for its content.

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