“What if there was an oil shortage?
Starting today? How would your life change?”

In May 2007, over 1,800 people combined imagination with insight to create World Without Oil (WWO), a realistic simulation of the first 32 weeks of a global oil shortage chronicled in 1,500 personal blog posts, videos, images and voicemails. Via these lesson plans, high school teachers can use this collaborative grassroots simulation to engage students with questions about energy use, sustainability, the role energy plays in our economy, culture, worldview and history, and many others.

World Without Oil was an alternate reality game – when submitting their stories, its players pretended the oil crisis was really happening. We encourage teachers to do the same: to get "in game" and act to make the crisis seem real. Each day your students will immerse themselves in an exploration of a World Without Oil, and prepare their own "in-game" stories that they can contribute to the WWO online archive.

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Lesson plans by Dan McDowell and Ken Eklund
Reviewed by Cari Ladd