Champa V. Patel and Vasant V. Patel, the wise and witty parents of Ravi and Geeta, and their memorable co-stars in Meet the Patels, will never shy away from giving romantic advice when prompted (or sometimes unprompted). In these new videos exclusive to Independent Lens, mom Champa and dad Vasant took time out to chat via Skype with their adult kids who asked them questions on matters of the heart, including learning more about their own romance (there may even be singing involved!), their brief time they had to first get to know each other (and was it romantic or more like a kidnapping?), while teaching them about dating apps like Tinder and Bumble (and comparing those to “biodata”).

How Did You Fall in Love?

What Was Your Courtship Like?  

What Is the Secret to a Long-Lasting Relationship?

What Do You Think of Dating Apps?

Champa and Vasant Reminisce About Their Unusual Honeymoon