Film Credits

Director, Producer, Editor and Cinematography
Benjamin Franzen

Producer, Writer and Music Consultant
Kembrew McLeod

Additional Cinematography
Ross Gabriel ebek

Additional Editing
Sarah Franzen
Video Rahim

Motion Graphics and Effects Editor
Dave PixelSlinger Willadsen

Audiovisual Remix Sequences
Eclectic Method

Graphic Design
John Freyer

Camera Operators
Hugh Braselton
Bill Burton
Nate George
Matthew Hurley
Alex Orr
Jay Raabe
Michael Schneider
Steve Shepard

Sound and Music Mix
Don McCollister

Music Soundtrack

Additional Music
DJ Food Stamp
Mr. Len
Clyde Stubblefield

Legal Services
Law Offices of Alan Korn

Copyright Consultant
Peter Jaszi

Annie Lin and Brooke Wentz

Finishing Consultant
Alvaro Fernandez

John Petersen

Production Consultants
Sasha Waters Freyer
Sarah Price

Production Support
Lane Wooder

Meredith Baxter
Daniel Pelt
Aimee Rydarowski

Research and Production Assistants
Mike Mario Albrecht
Puja Birla
Evelyn Bottando
Susan Ericsson
Gina Giotta
Paige Nelson
Kristen Norwood
Kim Robinson
Rachel Avon Whidden
Nathan Wilson
Zane Umsted
Jennifer Zoller

Special Thanks
Chris Brenneman
Bob Burns
Jeff Chang
Creative Commons
Michael Dalton
Charles DeLeon Franzen
Definitve Jux Records
Future of Music Coalition
Kennan Gudjonsson
Jason Gross
Krispin Harker
Liz Lazzari
Lynne Nugent
Nina Nastasia
Pitchfork Media
Public Enemy
Ashley Simpson
David Terry
Jenny Toomey
Amaechi Uzolgwe
Clay Walker
Alex Weis

Funding provided by
Ford Foundation
University of Iowa
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Copyright Criminals is a production of Copyright Criminals, LLC
in association with Changing Images, LLC and ITVS,
with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

This program was produced by Copyright Criminals, LLC,
which is solely responsible for its content.

2009 Copyright Criminals, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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