Behind the Scenes

A man on his knees holding a camera at two people sitting and talking while two other men stand and hold pieces of reflective cardboard How did Director Stacy Peralta gain the trust of the people in the film? What does he think needs to be done to stop gang warfare? Find out more about the making of CRIPS AND BLOODS.

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Two men stand in front of an artistically grafittied wall Meet the filmmakers, read their bios, find out what Stacy Peralta’s favorite movies are and learn about the impact he hopes his film will have on viewers.

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A man in a green sweatshirt standing behind a fence and talking to Stacy Peralta, who is wearing a black shirt, pants and cap Get the director's personal perspectives on his film CRIPS AND BLOODS.

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One man holds a camera on a subject is being interviewed, a boom mic above his head Learn about the people who were involved in making the film.

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