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The Film

The filmmaker’s site includes a blog, photos, links and more.

Independent Lens: D TOUR Discussion Guide
Get discussion questions and background information on kidney failure, dialysis and transplants. Explore resources for learning more about the disease and get suggestions for ways to help.

Rogue Wave
The band’s site features a discography, a blog, tour information, music and videos.

Pat Spurgeon Benefit Photos
See photos from the September 2006 benefit, held to raise costs for Pat’s medical costs.

SFMOMA.org: Jim Granato on D Tour & Rogue Wave
Filmmaker Jim Granato talks about the making of D TOUR.

Kidney Disease and Health

National Kidney Foundation
Learn about kidney health and transplantation, and read a Q&A about dialysis.

National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse
Get statistics and an overview of kidney diseases. Learn about the steps involved in kidney transplants, treatment methods and the way your kidneys work.

Dialysis: MedlinePlus
The National Institute of Health’s MedlinePlus presents facts on dialysis and treatments for kidney disease.

Organ Donation

United Network for Organ Sharing
This site contains a wealth of data on organ transplants, donors and waiting list numbers, as well as detailed information on becoming an organ donor.

Get the basics on organ donation and transplantation: who can donate and how, matching donors to transplant recipients and more.

National Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program
Increasing the number of African American, Asian, Hispanic and Native American organ and tissue donors is crucial for increasing the number of viable transplant matches. Learn more about the need for minority donors on this site.

Transplant Living
Find out about becoming a living organ donor and the transplant process.

Donate Life America
Read recent reports on the U.S. organ donor registry and find out how to sign up yourself.


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