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The Film

THE DEVIL’S MINER: Filmmakers Site
This Web site for the film includes production notes, soundtrack information, awards listings, a picture gallery, DVD purchase info and how to help the boys.

Mining & Child Labor

Global Policy Forum: New York Times: As Bolivian Miners Die, Boys Are Left to Toil
Read a reprint of this 2003 article from The New York Times that provides a detailed look at the Cerro Rico silver mines and the people and children who work them.

ILO: A Load Too Heavy: Children in Mining and Quarrying
The International Labor Organization, a UN agency, provides a Web presence for World Day Against Child Labor. Read and download articles such as Digging for Survival: The Harsh Reality of Child Mining Worldwide and get background documents, brochures and special reports on child labor and mining, and find what the organization is doing to alleviate the problem.

A Pictorial Walk Through the Twentieth Century: “Little Miners”
This online photo essay from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety & Health Administration features photographs and accompanying information about the difficult jobs performed by child miners in the early 20th century.


The Bolivian Mines

The UNESCO Courier: Potosí’s Silver Tears
Read this Bolivian journalist’s 2003 report on the Cerro Rico mines, and glean a historical and modern-day perspective on the people and the culture of Potosí, as well as UNESCO’s attempts to preserve the area and improve the lives of its residents.

Our Media: Bolivia: The Mountain That Ate People’s Lives
Listen to a 2005 audio report from featuring Braulio Mamani, a former worker in the Potosí silver mines, as he goes underground to interview miners on working conditions in the mines.

Enjoy Bolivia: In the Labyrinth of the Mines
This Bolivian government tourism site features an article on Potosí, Cerro Rico and its history, with additional information about the belief in the deity El Tío.

Potosí! Potosí! Potosí! Vamos a Potosí!
Visit the informative Web site posted by UCLA students hosting a history of the region, personal impressions and photos of their 2003 trip to Potosí and the Cerro Rico mine.

National Geographic News: Bolivia Silver Mines May Predate Inca, Experts Say
Get a glimpse into the history of the mines with this 2003 National Geographic article, which claims that silver deposits at Cerro Rico de Potosí were being mined in A.D. 1000-1200, 400 years earlier than commonly thought.

I Am Rich Potosí: The Mountain That Eats Men
By Stephen Ferry

(Monacelli Press, 1999)
Using colorful full-page photographs and text, Ferry looks at the effect the Spanish conquest had on the mountain's past and the current lives of the descendants.


The following served as information sources for several pages on this site:

THE DEVIL’S MINER: Filmmakers’ Site

Colonial Treasures and the Bolivian City of Silver
by Pedro Querejazu

(University of Arizona Press; 1997)

Potosí’s Silver Tears

Unearthing Potosi: The Enduring Plight of Bolivian Miners

Bolivia: The Mountain That Ate People’s Lives

I Am Rich Potosí: The Mountain That Eats Men
By Stephen Ferry

(Monacelli Press, 1999)

Child Labor: An American History
By Hugh D. Hineman
(M.E. Sharpe, 2002)

“Through The Lens of The Camera in Remote Mining Sites in the Peruvian Highlands,” by Eduoardo Gianotti
Visual Studies, Vol. 19, No. 2, Oct. 2004

”Peru: From a Very Early Age, Children Trapped in El Dorado,” by Barbara J. Fraser
Latinamerica Press, Nov. 19, 2001

“Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” by William Simpson
Boys’ Life, Nov. 2003

“Illinois Disaster All But Forgotten: 1909 Coal Mine Blaze Killed 259 Men, Boys,” by Ted Gregory
Chicago Tribune, Jan. 5, 2006

“City of Silver, City of Sorrows,” by Bernice E. Magee
Faces, Dec. 2005

“In Harm’s Way: Child Labor in the ‘90s,” by S.L. Smith
Occupational Hazards, 1995

“Put an End to the Exploitation of Child Labor,” by Sen. Tom Harkin
USA Today Magazine, Jan. 1996


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