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An intimate dinner with former President Pervez Musharraf and his mother provides the backdrop for a filmic journey through contemporary Pakistan. Engaging with people from all levels of Pakistani society, the filmmakers search for answers in a place where tribal loyalties struggle against modernization and religious Islamic forces lean toward theocracy.
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Pervez Musharraf, in casual attire, with a woman in a dress and the interior of a living room in the background, gestures with his hand while speaking

The Making Of:

"The biggest challenge by far was organizing the dinner and discussion with the President. There had been two assassination attempts...negotiating the security cordon was a Herculean task."
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The Filmmakers:

“We hope that the film will serve as a reference point for the Pakistani political events in the near future.”
S. Sathananthan and Sabiha Sumar sit on a couch in a living room, both looking off to the right of the camera

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