Donor Unknown

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  • About the Film

    Jeffrey and JoEllen try on hats on the Venice boardwalk in Los Angeles.

    The adult children of a common sperm donor find each other and their anonymous father.

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  • Who Are You? The Ethics and Impact of Donor Conception

    What are the fundamental rights of adult children conceived through egg or sperm donation? Why is the $4 billion gamete trade practically unregulated in the United States? We gathered Donor Unknown filmmaker Jerry Rothwell with donor-conceived children, the father of two donor-conceived children, and a prominent bioethicist to examine the human impact of the anonymous donor system.

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  • Jerry Rothwell Explores the Meaning of Family in Donor Unknown

    A black and white photograph of Jerry Rothwell, his head tiled slightly down as he looks into the camera.

    Donor Unknown director Jerry Rothwell shares with us the circumstances that brought him together with Jeffrey Harrison, the sperm donor featured in the film, and what he learned about the unexpected gift of utter chaos.

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  • Resources for Donor-Conceived Adults and Families

    Iridescent sperm swarm around an ovum in this illustration.

    The $3 billion fertility industry in the United States operates with very few regulations or restrictions. Finding reliable sources of information is the first step to exploring your identity.

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  • Talkback

     JoEllen and Jeffrey sit inside his RV, exchanging gifts and talking.

    Should it be legal to buy and sell the means of reproduction? Should donors be allowed to be anonymous? What right do the children of donors have to know where they come from?

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