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The Film

Ramones: End of the Century
The official film Web site features reviews, theater dates and a list of featured songs.

The New York Times: Rock Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll Standoff
This 2004 article in The New York Times tells of the END OF CENTURY filmmakers’ struggle to find a film distributor in the face of the band’s dysfunctions. (Registration may be required.)

The Band

Run by Ramones artistic director and longtime friend Arturo Vega, the “official Ramones site” includes rare photos, plenty of information about the band and even a Ramones fan club.

Run by Marky Ramone, this Ramones site is packed with news, a detailed history of the band, a discography and plenty of photos.

Ramones Discography
Get a lengthy discography of every Ramones song ever released. Look on the left side of the page for links to a fascinating Ramones FAQ, information on band members’ side projects and other related resources.

The Complete Ramones Guitar Tab Compilation
What was Joey really singing in “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg”? Which album contains “Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You”? Get all the lyrics to all The Ramones songs, plus guitar tabs and links to cheesy MIDI files.

ArtistFacts: The Ramones
Get little-known facts on The Ramones. Did you know that Joey was an avid online stock trader?

Ramones: An American Band
By Jim Bessman
(St. Martin’s Press, 1993)
Bessman’s detailed history of the band includes photos and performance dates.

Eddie Vedder’s Ramones Speech
Read Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder’s tribute to The Ramones from their 2002 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Boston Phoenix: Post-Mortem: The Ramones’ Afterlife
This review of the 1999 Ramones anthology Hey Ho Let’s Go (Rhino) discusses the band members after the break up as well as their latest projects.

Joey Ramone’s Mom
Read an interview with Joey’s mother, Charlotte Lesher, which includes childhood photos of Joey and his brother Mickey Leigh.

The Washington Post: Johnny Ramone: Rebel in a Rebel’s World
In this 2004 interview shortly before his death, Johnny Ramone talks about being a “fiercely Republican-voting, NRA-supporting musician in a milieu that is remarkable for its embrace of all things left.”

Village Voice: Last Ramones Standing
This October 2004 interview is the first-ever with the last two living Ramones, Marky and Tommy. It discusses their latest projects, Tommy’s contributions to Marky’s drumming style and their impressions of END OF THE CENTURY.

Tommy Ramone
This READ Magazine interview from 2001 profiles Tommy Ramone as the “one positive voice” in the midst of “all the dysfunction, squabbling and resentfulness.”

Facts of Richie Ramone
Get the facts and latest news on Richie Ramone, a.k.a Richie Reinhardt.

Ramones Name Generator
What’s your Ramones Name? Fill out the blanks and find out how you can be a member of the band.



Poison Heart: The Ramones Fanlisting
Browse Ramones fan sites around the world, from Argentina to Wales, at this comprehensive fan listing.

Joey Ramone Memorial
Learn about the legendary club which immortalized The Ramones—and vice versa. Browse pictures and links to Ramones-related article, and see the Ramones shrine.

Get news and reviews, videos, information on Joey Ramone Place and even downloadable desktop wallpaper.

Dee Dee Ramone
This 2002 Punk Magazine homage to Dee Dee includes photos and more.

Unsung Heroes: Joey Ramone R.I.P.
This Joey Ramone portal links to tributes, obituaries and articles from MSNBC, Entertainment Weekly and MTV.

The Los Angeles Times: In Death, He Wants to Be Celebrated
Read about Johnny Ramone’s life-size bronze statue, complete with a depiction of his beloved Mosrite guitar, at his gravesite at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles.


Side Projects

The Ramainz
Learn more about The Ramainz, a band formed after The Ramones broke up, consisting of Marky, C.J. and Dee Dee Ramone, plus Dee Dee’s wife Barbara.

Interview With C.J. Ward of Los Gusanos
C.J. Ward talks about his touring adventures as C.J. Ramone, and about his new rock/metal band, Los Gusanos.

Marky Ramone and The Intruders
Find out more about Marky’s post-Ramone project, a band called Marky Ramone and The Intruders.

Poison Heart: Surviving the Ramones
By Dee Dee Ramone with Veronica Kofman
(Firefly Publishing, 1997)
Dee Dee Ramone’s autobiography spans his life both before and after The Ramones, from his German childhood to his struggle with heroin.

Chelsea Horror Hotel
By Dee Dee Ramone
(Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2001)
This short novel is a fictional account of Dee Dee and his wife Barbara’s life within the Chelsea Hotel with their talking dog, centering around Dee Dee’s drug-related nightmares.

Ronnie Spector
Learn more about the former Ronettes leader, which inspired Joey Ramone’s ‘60s pop sensibilities. Joey later produced Spector’s 1999 album She Talks to Rainbows, which includes his song “Bye Bye Baby.”

Gabba Gabba Hey!
With Tommy Ramone as musical director, Gabba Gabba Hey!: A Lower East Side Love Story features a band led by former Clash guitarist Nick Sheppard.


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