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Grand Prize “Corn King Takes Over the World” by Kylee Darcy

Headshot of Kylee Darcy

A “Short” Q&A with Kylee Darcy:

Are you a filmmaker?
I am not a trained filmmaker, but I have been messing around with camera and computer editing for a few years. I especially love stop-action animation (enjoyed the stop-action in KING CORN.) I like the way stop-action is kind of funky and organic and not too slick.

Our tag line is “Mix it up. Make a statement.” Do you think that film can do that?
Absolutely! I love the multifaceted creative expression of film. Finding the right mix of sound and image to illustrate a concept, an emotion, a passion—is challenging, fulfilling, sometimes grueling, but always satisfying.

Tell us about your animation.
I got the idea of things pouring out of the corn when I was reading on the KING CORN website about how many foods include corn. The list just went on and on—that made me think of the visual of the corn splitting open with food products spilling out in mass. I drew every picture, which took a huge amount of time considering they flashed by in a matter of seconds! The little monster represents the overindulged child growing into an obese adult, as well as the effect of fast food on our country—we truly have created a monster.

Filmocracy:  Mix it up. Make a Statement!

If you are what you eat, what are you made of?

That was the question we posed to Filmocracy contestants, then, we provided the video clips, and they provided a point of view.

The Independent Lens presentation of KING CORN was the backdrop for the first inaugural Filmocracy mashup contest. KING CORN is a feature documentary about two friends, one acre of corn and the subsidized crop that drives our fast-food nation.

And the winner is:

Grand Prize
“Corn King Takes Over the World” by Kylee Darcy

Grand prizewinner Kylee Darcy won $1,000 and her short film, “Corn King Takes Over the World” will be screened throughout the country at Community Cinema events. She also gets a KING CORN DVD, soundtrack and other fabulous corn-free prizes! The most popular and highest rated videos get cool prizes too.

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Special thanks to the KING CORN filmmakers: Aaron Woolf, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis and our partners: Getty Images, Eyespot and the AFI Digital Content Lab.

The prototype for Filmocracy was created in the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Digital Content Lab. View credits