Made in Boise
Oct 28, 10 pm

Made in Boise

  • BY Beth Aala | IN Women & Girls
    Premieres October 28, 2019

About the Film

Made in Boise introduces audiences to the unique world of surrogacy in the most unexpected of places. As the number of surrogate births surges across the country, the surprising epicenter of the movement is Boise, Idaho, where hundreds of women are choosing to be surrogates. For gay couples, single men, and women who struggle with infertility, this booming yet unregulated industry is often the last resort to become a parent. The film intimately follows four surrogates, and the parents whose children they carry, as they navigate the rigors of pregnancy and the mixed feelings of their own families, who struggle to understand their choice to risk the physical and emotional complications of carrying babies for someone else.

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