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Adam Bass

Adam Bass
Adam Bass answers questions and tells what he’s been up to since the filming of GET THE FIRE!

Three weeks into his mission in Chile in 2000, Adam Bass was sent home by the Mission President in order to “resolve” his sexual orientation and was told to begin psychiatric therapy. He is no longer a practicing Mormon.

What influenced you to go on a mission? Were you expected to go?

I was highly pressured to go on my mission my local clergy and colleagues in political circles. At the time I received my mission call I was serving as the youngest person to hold elective office in Utah. It was highly recommended to me that the future of my political career was based in me completing a mission.

Once in the mission field, how did you adapt to your new life? In what ways were you prepared or unprepared? What was your biggest struggle while on your mission?

I never really got the opportunity to "adapt" to my mission, being there only three weeks. The dark cloud of the possibility of being sent home hung over me the whole time. I never adapted, and that, within itself was a struggle.

Do you feel closer to your church after your mission?

I feel completely forgotten by what was my church. I have since resigned my membership in the Mormon Church. They left me by the wayside, but I kept walking with my head held high.

How did you feel when you returned from you mission? Did you adjust to normal life quickly? How were you treated differently by your family/community?

There is a huge stigma attached with returning home from one's mission early. Neighbors and associates would literally pin me into a corner and hound me for reasons why I came home. I heard over two dozen rumors (mostly false) as to why I had to return early. It is a difficult and traumatic experience to return early.

If you could go back in time, would you still go on a mission? Why?

Yes. I'd go, but not confess my homosexuality. I'd complete the mission, but that's looking at it from this perspective. I also have little belief in the Mormon Church today, so going on a mission to convert people would not likely be my motivation.

What has happened since your return? What are you doing now?

I am working in several volunteer capacities politically, and have a full-time office job. I am waiting for "Mr. Right" and working against the Mormon Church in an attempt to see the day when "Mr. Right" and I will legally be allowed to marry and raise a family here in Utah.

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