The System


Film Credits

Directed, Produced and Photographed by
Lexi Leban and Lidia Szajko

Executive Producer
Jack Walsh

Josh Peterson and Laurie Schmidt

Sound Editor and Mixer
Dan Olmsted

Original Music
Todd Holden Capps

Title Design
Julia Tortolani

Associate Producer
Wendy Levy

Assistant Editors
Joanne Laurent
Benita Naschold
Amy Sippos

Still Photographer
Helga Sigvaldadottir

Additional Cinematography
Douglas Conrad
Sophie Constantinou
Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir
Caitlin Manning
Helga Sigvaldadóttir

Additional Sound Recording
Ellen Ferwerda

Additional Editing Assistance
Douglas Conrad
Georgina Corzine
Abner Kingman
Esther Kolyer
Veronica Majano
Libby Mulitz

Transcription Services
Perfect Pages
Tigerfish transcribing


Online Editor
Robert O’Geen

Director of Broadcast Services
Diane Nelson

Unit Manager
Suzanne Romaine

Director of TV Administration
Nancy Carter

Manager, TV Production Operations
Frank Carfi

Executive in Charge of Production
DeAnne Hamilton

Avid Supervisors
Jay Hansell
Robert O'Geen

Sound Mixed at
Saul Zaentz Film Center

Web Designer for
Shivaun Nestor

Sheila Pasene
Shangra Rogers
Lateefah Simon
Jean Amabile
Ira Barg
Patti Lee
Julie Posadas Guzman
Rani Singh

Additional Participants
Ramses Barrios
Herbert Boston, Jr.
Herbert Boston, III
Ann Brown
Kimberly Butller
Scott Candell
Velva D. Carner
Rachel Church
Lillian Dunn
Kamelei Filivaa
Lauren Garcia
Dora Gray
Jessica Nowlan Green
Moiney Hill
Rose Hudson
Brenda Lawrence
Cheri McClendon
Jasimine McCowan
Deborah J. McNeil
Casey J. Mesa
Isis Lu-Cin Moore
Malae Pasene
Meafua Pasene
Tamika Porter
Shari Rivers
Deanna Rodgers
Corliss Rogers
Najwa Rogers
Theresa Rondone
Tiffany Seagraves
Marlene Sanchez
Chante Scott
Lina Sepulona
Aminah Simon
Dominique Smith
Tammy Smith
Molly Sullivan
Catherine Teare
Erica Thorson
Chelsea Trieb
Delma Valencia
Robert Walsh
Keyana Wells
Zadasha White
Shanell Williams
Cynthia Wilts
Judge Katherine Feinstein
Commissioner Marvin Friedman
Judge Ina L. Gyemant
Paul Henderson, Assistant D.A.
Deputy Nelson Martinez

Special Thanks
Nanci Clarence
Laurie Schaffner Ph.D.
Judge Donna J. Hitchens
Gail Silva
Daven Gee
Izzy Carson
Jan Clarence
Kira Clarence
Clarence, Snell & Dyer LLP
Kate Dyer
Kay Morales
Abbie Chin
Bay Area Video Coalition

Center For Young Women’s Development

Project Sisterkin

Walden House

San Francisco Youth Guidance Center & Juvenile Court

San Francisco Superior Court

San Francisco Sheriff’s Department

San Mateo Superior Court

Girl Trouble is produced by Critical Images, Inc,
in association with KQED Public Television, San Francisco, and ITVS.

This program was produced by Critical Images Inc., which is solely responsible for its content.

© 2005 Critical Images, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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