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“Ramin Bahrani is the director of the decade.” — Roger Ebert

An old man flags a cab and asks for a one-way ride to his death. The driver reluctantly agrees — but can he talk the man out of it? Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart) mixes up a fascinating, timely story of the new American South in this award-winning drama that is testament to the depth of the human spirit and the power of free will.

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Solo, a Senegalese cab driver with his collar upturned, looks to his left, smiling.

The Making Of:

What led him to make the film: “A real Senegalese cab driver … [and] an elderly man standing by the side of the road, totally alone, outside of an ‘assisted living’ home that I would pass every day for months.”   More >>

The Filmmaker:

Bahrani was the recipient of the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards' Someone To Watch prize. His advice for aspiring filmmakers: “Read a lot, and work as many odd jobs outside of the film industry as possible.”   More >>
Filmmaker Ramin Bahrani, wearing glasses, looks over his left shoulder.

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