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When their son is diagnosed with autism, one Texas couple seeks the best medical treatment. Nothing works — until they discover their son’s connection to horses, and take a spiritual journey to Mongolia on an epic quest for healing.
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Rupert Isaacson, Rowan and two Mongolian men stand in front of a tent, with one of the Mongolian men holding his hand over Rowan’s head

The Making Of:

“Beyond having to film a fair chunk of the movie on horseback, bouncing camera in one hand, reins in the other, ... the biggest challenge of creating this film was to present a work that was as amazing as the concept.”   More >>

The Filmmaker:

“Though there are many difficult things about being an independent filmmaker, I’ve never been part of another profession where I so often took a step back and said, ‘I truly am one lucky guy to be here right now.’”   More >>
Michel Orion Scott

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