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Film Credits

Directed by Michel Orion Scott
Produced by Rupert Isaacson
Edited by Rita K. Sanders
Original music by Lili Haydn and Kim Carroll

Rupert Isaacson

Location Sound
Justin Hennard

Michel Orion Scott

Second Camera
Jeremy Bailey

Additional Camera
Alex Daboub Michelle Green

Assistant Editor
Michelle Green

Post production consultants
Mike Curtis
Kyle Henry

Editing Interns
Jennifer Bahr
Alex Daboub
Troy Gonzales

Color Correction
Jared Ravens

Omega Broadcast Group

Sound Mix
Charlie Uniform Tango

Re-recording Mixer
Matt Ludwick

Studio Narration Recording Engineer
Gabe Sandoval

Narration Recorded at
Tequila Mockingbird

Location Production Assistant
Adam Rosenbloom

Mongolian Guide
and Translator
Tulga Otgonbaatar

Translation at
Nomadic Trails Co, Ltd

Naranbold Radnaabazar

Additional Translation
Undarmaa Gold

Zolzaya Dashzeveg

Mongolian Drivers
B. Dagvadorj
N. Khadbaatar

Horse Guide crew 1
B. Oidov
Batjargal Oidov
Batbayar Oidov
D. Ganbold

Horse Guide Crew 2
G. Tsogtbayar
A. Bold Erdene
Ts. Amartuvshin
Ch. Odkhuu
T. Ganzorig

Autism Experts
Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen
Dr. Steve Edelson
Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Roy Richard Grinker
Dr. Dale Rudin

"That Home"
Performed by The Cinematic Orchestra
Written by Jason Swinscoe (PRS), Phil France (PRS), and Patrick Watson (SOCAN)
Published by Just Isn't Music Ltd. / Intrigue Music
Courtesy of Domino Recordings / Ninja Tune

"To Build A Home"
Performed by The Cinematic Orchestra
Written by Jason Swinscoe (PRS), Phil France (PRS), Stella Page (PRS), and Patrick Watson (SOCAN)
Published by Just Isn't Music Ltd. / Intrigue Music
Courtesy of Domino Recordings / Ninja Tune

"A Beginning"
Written by Peter Broderick
Taken from the album "Float"
c&p Type Recordings

Performed by The Cinematic Orchestra
Written by Jason Swinscoe and Phil France
Published by Just Isn't Music Ltd.
Courtesy of Ninja Tune

“Love is Letting Go”
Written, Performed, and Produced by Lili Haydn
Quan Yin Music, BMI

“En Gallop”
Joanna Newsom
Drag City (Records)

Special Thanks
The Arbuckle Brothers
The A and L Ranch
The Austin Film Society
Dr. Megan Biesele
Felicity Blunt
Curtis Brown, London
Judy Clain
Rebecca Fulton
Terry Gardiner
Brandon Gonzalez
Jessica Haapala
Nancy Haehnel
Tom Ibis
Justin Jin
Angie Johnson
Ginny Jordan
Keith and Sara McNeil
Nomadicare and the Totem Peoples Project
Daphne Ann O’Neal
Stafford O’Neal
Patty Peebles
Rich Perello
Mr. Powell
PJ Raval
Betsy Robbins
Sue Sanders
Wood Sanders
David Scott
David Grahm Scott
Linda Scott
The National Shamans Association of Mongolia
Elizabeth Sheinkman
Steve Smith
John Stewart
Dr. Kendal Stewart
Jordon Webb
Paul Wisent

Funding provided by
The Texas Filmmakers Production Fund

This program was produced by Horse Boy Productions which is solely responsible for its content. © 2008. Horse Boy Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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