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Liberian school children wearing a uniform of yellow collared shirts and brown shorts sit at their desks in a crowded classroom, smiling
“Africa is going through a transition; Liberia is going through a transition. There will be charges and counter-charges. That’s what an environment of democracy and freedom does—it enables people to speak out.”
—President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Facing a legacy of civil war and crippling debt, Liberia is finally rebuilding itself. What factors led to the country’s formation and near destruction? Can Liberia sustain itself in a time of uneasy peace?

Photo of five soldiers, circa 1940s, standing together, smiling. The man in the center holds a rifle. Explore Liberian history, through its inception to its years of civil war and present-day post-conflict state >>
Chinese President Hu Jintao and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf sit on opposite ends of a leather couch, engaged in conversation Learn more about the Liberian government structure as well as its foreign influences >>
The Ministry of Finance building, situated on a busy street corner with cars and pedestrians passing by Find out what forces led to the country’s debt accumulation and the ramifications of debt relief >>
Map showing the countries of West Africa Read about the region of West Africa, and how Liberia compares to its neighbors >>

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