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Jimmy Scott

Jimmy Scott Fan Site on the Music Planet
From the front page graphic on to up-to-the-minute concert listings, this Japanese Web site is one of the most comprehensive resources for Jimmy Scott online. Get a detailed song list, and check out the New York Times Magazine profile that referred to Scott as “perhaps the most unjustly ignored American singer of the 20th century.”

Jimmy Scott Biography
Read a short bio from Fantasy Records, Scott’s current record label.

Billy Taylor’s Jazz: Jimmy Scott on NPR
Recorded live in Washington, D.C., this NPR show features a different guest artist each week in a performance and Q&A session. See the transcript from the show featuring Jimmy Scott, listen to a Real Audio interview and view the photo gallery.

90.3 WCPN: The Spotlight
Read or listen to a 1999 interview with hometown hero Jimmy Scott from this Cleveland radio station. Yolanda Perdomo also talked to music writer Chip Defaa about Scott’s impact and career.

This site provides resources and support for sufferers of a group of rare diseases including Kallmann’s Syndrome, the hormonal deficiency that has afflicted Jimmy Scott and approximately 1 in 10,000 males. View the Q&A and visit the forum to learn more about the disease.

The Male Soprano Page
What’s the difference between "countertenor" and "sopranist"? Find out more about famous male singers whose voices are “unusually high,” including an article on Jimmy Scott, whose jazz ballads are usually sung in a high tenor.

Faith in Time: The Life of Jimmy Scott
By David Ritz
(Da Capo Press, 2002)
As Scott's biographer, Ritz was featured in numerous segments of JIMMY SCOTT: If You Only Knew. This portrait of Scott traces his life from big band to bebop to pop.

Jazz History

Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns
The companion site to this encompassing documentary on jazz history contains info on the various the social, cultural and political forces involved in jazz history: a timeline, an interactive map of the cities in which jazz came of age and biographies and audio samples of almost 100 key American jazz musicians. Create your own jazz mix and play along with the virtual piano.

Jazz88 FM
WBGO Newark “rediscovered” Jimmy Scott and relaunched his career when it invited him to perform on air. Tune in and listen via RealPlayer.

NPR Jazz
Home to NPR jazz programs such as Jazz Profiles, JazzSet and Piano Jazz. Get show transcripts and interviews and browse the record library for audio clips.

All About Jazz
This all-jazz portal features news, reviews, concert information, photos and interviews with musicians such as Jimmy Scott.

Jazz Primer for Rock People
Created by Oculus magazine, this “comprehensive history of jazz for people who don't know Charlie Parker from Charles Mingus” recommends records and reading, and contains a timeline covering jazz from Dixieland to fusion.

The Industry

Herman Lubinsky
Learn more about the Savoy Records founder and owner who held Jimmy Scott to his contract during the 1950s and ‘60s.

The Story of Little Esther
Read about Esther Mae Jones, a ‘50s jazz singer who sued Lubinsky and Savoy Records for back pay she should have earned on royalties.

Poets of Action: The Saint Louis Black Artists' Group, 1968-1972 (Part 1-4)
Find out more about the Black Artists’ Group, an African American artists’ and musicians’ collective formed in the late 1960s which “created a strong model for interartistic cooperation and arts-driven social activism.”

Black Music, White Business: Illuminating the History and Political Economy of Jazz
By Frank Kofsky
(Pathfinder Press, 1998)
Historian Frank Kofsky’s book examines the racially and economically motivated exploitation in jazz.

Spinning Blues into Gold: The Chess Brother and the Legendary Chess Records
By Nadine Cohodas
(Griffin, 2001)
The story of the Chess family—founders of the musical empire Chess Records, often criticized for taking financial advantage of its artists—and their rise to power.


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