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“I used to be scared…. Now my hands won’t twitch, even if I steal billions of rupees.”
—Azad Jalaluddin, pickpocket
Azad Jalaluddin is no “slumdog millionaire,” but like the protagonist in the popular feature the local police have got him in a bind. JOURNALS OF A WILY SCHOOL follows a young pickpocket through the streets of Kolkata, where he plies his trade and plays a real-life game of cops and robbers.
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Four young men are crouched down in a circle in front of a wooden outbuilding. On the far right, one man holds a small metal blade in his hand and is showing it to a young man on the left, who wears a red and white striped shirt.

The Making Of:

“While the intention is not to patronize a dark way of life, we hope that the film will create an understanding of how people strive to do what they are good at in modern times.”   More >>

The Filmmakers:

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A man and a woman sit next to each other. The man is on the left with his elbows on the table and his hands clasped in front of his face. On the right, the woman looks into the camera with a shy smile on her face.

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