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KEEPING TIME: The Life, Music and Photographs of Milt Hinton

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David Richardson
Aptos, CA

This is perhaps the best 1 hour jazz documentary ever! I saw this film on "Independent Lens" several years ago and have been telling friends about it ever since. I was hoping it would be available on DVD for Christmas presents or just to show at home.Please let me know if it becomes available. Thanks for this film of the extraordinary life, music and photographs of an extraordinary musician! David Richardson
Anthony Dais
Bowie, MD

I just saw your beautiful film about the life and times of Milt Hinton. I was disappointed that the film is not avialable. I would love to own it so that I can take inspration fromr this double bass icon and idol of mine. I began playing the upright bass at 58 and I have 32 years to learn some of what Mr. Hinton taught the world. Thank for your work to bring this story to us all.
narvelan coleman
los angeles

Milt Hinton was such a phenomenal individual. He embodied and fulfilled every man's dream. That of life purpose, spirituality, profound career, success, husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, icon, and treasurer of humanity. I want my grandson to know about Mr. Hinton and the contribution he made not only to our people, but to humanity at large.
John Fairweather
Palouse WA

Your film Keeping Time was a wonderful 'story-telling' of the life of Milt Hinton.Please! give serious consideration to making a DVD or Video available to all of us 'out here'who are supporters and fans of this important body of music,we call,Jazz.
Thank you again.
Owen Russell
Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

I can hardly express how thoroughly I enjoyed this portrayal of the complete depth behind the man that was, and still lives on, as Milt Hinton. The accurate representation of the times and forces that existed to shape the course of his life was an incredibly raw and refreshingly not over glamorized view on contemporary jazz in early segregated America.

An excellent job was done juxtaposing the elegant grace and subtle presence of his photographs with the resonating and powerfully apparent style of bass he played yet both artistic ventures were shown rooted within their truth and inspiration. Pride without arrogance, the ability to cross into areas of music or society without leaving the expressionist jazz vernacular of the time and an uncanny abundance of energy that transcended a race barrier were aspects of Milt Hinton the program helped to document - as his music and photography does in spades.

Highlighted marvelously, was Hinton's generousity and open resolve when supporting musicians to come into the scene after him. A true testament to the soul behind the notes that came from his bass.

My only question would be why has this program not been released for sale to the public yet!
Madelyn W.
Seattle, WA

From the moment I began watching this documentary, I could not look away, as another viewer said, "it never seemed to touch the ground." It was only after the narrator really began focusing on Milt's photography that I realized why. His pictures, they speak volumes, whether shouting, laughing or whispering their message. The most observant tell the best stories and The Judge had the best view.

The creators of this film did an outstanding job of letting us peek at a life in time, I felt like I was there, eavesdropping on genius.
Richard Hatheway
Cedar Park, TX

I really enjoyed the program. You captured a side of Milt Hinton that a lot of people have not seen before. His photographs of all the jazz musicians really captured the spirit of those who played that music. It helps us to better understand what they played, and why.

Now, how soon will the DVD of this be available? 4/20/05
Paula Morris
Bronx, New York

Every time I see Milt Hinton's photos, I am overwhelmed by the energy that jumps out at you. Because I am a part of the jazz family, I recognize and know many of the musicians personally. They have been my mentors and have influenced my life. Kudos to Dave and Holly for a job well done.
Columbia, South Carolina

Keeping time was wonderful. I was able to view it twice and enjoyed it each time. I did not know much about Milt Hinton initially but this film made me appreciate him more and the contribution he made to Jazz music. This film is important to Jazz music but also important to history because Mr. Hinton was able to capture the images of many jazz artists so we can see them in an every day setting. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see and enjoy this film
Ann Louise

What a great and moving biography of Milt Hinton. His photos captured another era of dedicated musicians who literally worked for bread. It made me appreciate the bass player as a rhythmic overseerer, a percussion pacemaker with tonal value. I was moved by the production, remembering my father playing 78s on many Saturday night in the 60's when I was a child and asking me "who was that?" A sort of test to make sure I listened carefully He introduced me to jazz as a child. It made me miss my father deeply.
Jeff Peyton

What a stunning film. It never seemed to touch the ground. It rose with the spirit, the intimacy, the passion, and the connectivity between musicians. The explosion of Jazz was fueled first by people who knew what they were creating, who could see the past as well as the future but live deeply in the present. Jazz is America's example of how art can drive positive energy into a nation's mindset of hate and ignorence and disintegrate it. Keeping Time shows how and why.
bill batsel
lex, ky
most excellent show....and great supportive web site....thanks bb
Bob Matchinsky
Minneapolis, MN

What an incredible job they did blending Milt's music, photos and life experience into a well packaged show.

This is my first time "meeting" Milt. I learned so much about him in the program, I feel like we met and have played together. I am a music lover and have been listening to Milt playing on all those great classic jazz tracks without knowing who was playing. As a bass player myself, I really enjoyed all the back stage and studio footage and stills of all the artists he played with. Quite a resume he built over his years.

Again, thanks for introducing me to "The Judge". A truly unique man, musician, photographer, teacher and more, with so much to offer the world.
saint paul, mn

This is an outstanding program. Man, it really makes you want to mourn the passing of so many great musicians--and such a unique moment in musical history--but Milt Hinton's energy and vibe are too up to let you fall into that trap. This program made me want to get up and get into it and get involved with life on a higher level. I sincerely hope that this program will be made available on VHS or DVD so that I can show it to my kids when they are old enough to learn from it. Pretty please?
Bob Freedman
Gilbert, AZ

This is the best of its kind that I have ever seen. It should be the model for all up-and-coming film makers who want to deal with jazz musicians. There have been so many attempts - one on an unproductively bloated scale - at this genre which may succeed in part but which tend either to miss the point or to be just bad films. The subject matter, the writing and the perfect use of the music as underscore in this one are truly marvelous. So often in previous attempts the music is poorly employed and interferes with the dialogue and/or is distractingly disjointed. The producers of this Milt Hinton tribute desrve high praise for having "done it right" in every way. 4/14/05
Plantation, FL

Loved the piece. First time hearing about Milt, and became inspired by his almost absence of thought when he takes photos. I love music and to be able to see the Jazz era through his eyes in incredible. I'd love to find full prints of his work to showcase in a room of my home. Very inspiring, yet subtle. 4/14/05
Ned Radinsky
Denver, CO

Amazing! One of the best documentaries on Jazz that I've ever seen. a phenomenal piece of work. Berger and Maxson have done a great job of showing us what a great man Hinton was while also giving us a primer on the evelotuion of Jazz.

As a photographer, I was once again blown away by Hinton's talent behind the camera. What an amazing eye he had!

This documentary deserves a much wider audience. I hope you'll show it several more times.

Ned Radinsky
www.rockymountainjazz.com 4/13/05
Atlanta, GA

What a beautiful jazz memoir!! Thank you for putting the spotlight on yet another great contributor to this art form that, I'm sure, many knew nothing about. Although the statement, "a photograph is worth a thousand words" is cliche, it is very appropriate in describing Milt Hinton's documentation of "the jazz life" in 20th century America. Milt Jackson amassed a treasure of jazz history through his photography! 4/13/05
Memphis, TN

What a great program! However, I am surprised that Steve Allen was not mentioned, as one of my favorite and totally worn-out LPs was a jazz album of Steve Allen with Milt Hinton on bass. The name of the album was "'Round Midnight" recorded around 1957 or 58. I have searched for a remake to no avail; if anyone knows where I could get a copy of this album I would be most appreciative for the information. Milt Hinton was one of the greatest and the photos were awesome! Thanks. 4/13/05
Ted Kimber
Burlington, Ontario

Woww, what a fantastic programme!!! Unfortunately, I missed the first half hour as the title told me nothing at the time. I was just browsing for something to watch and up popped Billie Holiday and then all those great musicians I've worshipped since I was a teenager (I'm now 70). Is there any way I can get a copy of that show? If not, please tell me you'll show it again so that I can tape it -Please Please Please 4/8/05
A. J. Cracchiola
Brooklyn, New York

Ha Milt

Wonderfull Photos of Jazz Greats I was lucky enough to be at the first Randalls Island Jazz Fest at 16.. I will never forget the experience Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck with Joe Morrello on the drums. What an impact on my new found Love for Jazz.

With a wonderful twist all four of my white friends and I took the A train to 125th and then transferred to a bus onto Randalls Island as we all were able to find seating on the back of the bus to The Jazz Festivle that I realized what a great twist of faith that four white boys in 1965 from Brooklyn where headed to a Great Jazz Festivle seated in the back of the bus how appropriate was that ride??


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