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In this intimate examination of the relationship between Indian filmmaker Nishtha Jain and her young maid, Lakshmi, Jain holds up a mirror to her own culture and the pervasive caste system that can still determine an individual’s fate in life. Set against this backdrop, where servants are habitually treated as social inferiors, the film looks at what can happen when an employer shows empathy, and a silent worker finds her voice.
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The Making Of:

“At the very outset, it was clear that I would not be an observer in this film. I was also one of the protagonists, and that raised the additional problem of self-representation. How do I film myself, especially as the director and the camera person?”   More >>

The Filmmakers:

“There’s widespread resistance to acknowledging that our comfort is based on someone else’s hardship and on the perpetuation of that hardship.”   More >>
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