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The Filmmakers

Several years ago, award-winning filmmakers Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert were contacted by Dr. Robert Arceci, a prominent oncologist, about making a film about childhood cancer. At that time, Dr. Arceci had no idea that Bognar and Reichert had just seen their own teenage daughter through a year of chemotherapy and radiation.

Go behind-the-scenes with Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert. Read their filmmaker Q&A to find out about the challenges of taking on such a big project. Get an inside look at the making of A LION IN THE HOUSE with the filmmakers’ journal, read the filmmaker bios to learn about their illustrious careers and view film credits to find out about the crew behind the making of the film.

“I would never have considered taking on this film if I had not myself gone through the experience of fighting cancer with my child. Otherwise, I would see myself as a voyeur, peering into other people’s heartache. Instead my life gave me a goal: to help to end the isolation of people fighting cancer.”
—Julia Reichert


Caucasian filmmakers Julia and Steve, shot from below, smiling, they both wear glasses their heads leaned against each other