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Kareem, age 14
Charlotte, NC

This magic marker drawing by Kareem depicts a hospitalization for a sickle cell pain crises.  Notice he has illustrated himself in bed with an IV pole and his parents keeping vigil.  Now stable, Kareem suffered many hospitalizations from sickle cell complications.  He lives with his parents and is known for being a great brother to his three sisters.  He recently discovered origami and enjoys making large-scale kinetic planes and birds. At school, Kareem is in the Buddy Program where he mentors two younger students.  Everyone who meets Kareem can’t help but notice his compassion for others and his big heart and smile.  

Weslyn, age 10
Concord, NC

Weslyn created this wax crayon rubbing early in her participation in an oncology support group.  She chose the body and brick pattern rubbing plates to make this composition. Notice that she has a figure against a brick wall.  As her treatment progresses, she chooses more flower patterns for her rubbings. Adopted when she was 11 months old from a Russian orphanage, Weslyn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.) at age five. Now cancer free at the age of ten, Weslyn enjoys life to the fullest. She loves animals (especially her cat and hamster) and enjoys her trampoline, softball, swimming and her newly discovered talent - singing. 

Danny, age 12
Bakersfield, California

During treatment for leukemia, Danny taught himself to draw Japanese anime characters that expressed anger or various stages of physical power, sometimes expressing what appears to be emotional satisfaction. For more of Danny's artwork, go to:
http://www.dannyklancher.com/ and click on "Dan's Art."

Danny fought leukemia for over 4 years, and died at 14.

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