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L.A. Perspectives

PBS Think Tank: Is Los Angeles Breaking Apart?
Some residents of the San Fernando Valley—an area of L.A. that is home to one third of its population—are clamoring to secede from the City of Los Angeles. Will their movement succeed? Three experts debate the matter.

NPR: Los Angeles, 10 Years Later
This series of NPR stories examines how Los Angeles has changed since the 1992 riots. Read transcripts of reports on such topics as the changing South Central neighborhood and L.A.’s African American community, the challenges of the L.A. Police Department and more.

KCRW: Which Way L.A.?
Read transcripts or hear streaming audio from this Los Angeles radio program about topical issues ranging from gangs to elections to affordable housing. Hosted by award-winning moderator Warren Olney.

PBS: Senior Year
Visit Fairfax High, a Los Angeles high school with a student body speaking more than 26 languages. Six filmmakers followed 15 students over the 1999–2000 school year, documenting the diversity reshaping L.A. and the rest of the U.S.

The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory
By Norman Klein
(Verso, 1997)
Critic, historian and novelist Norman Klein, a LOS ANGELES NOW interviewee, examines the process of memory erasure in L.A. on this “anti-tour” of the city.

City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles
By Mike Davis
(Vintage Books, 1992)
This well-known social criticism provides an account of L.A.’s economic, political, architectural and intellectual developments in the twentieth century.

Where We Are Now: Notes from Los Angeles
By D.J. Waldie
(Angel City Press, 2004)
Featured in LOS ANGELES NOW, interviewee Waldie is also the author of Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir (St. Martin’s, 1997), which details the creation of Lakewood, California, the world’s largest suburb. This collection of his essays centers on the meaning of place in L.A.

Brown: The Last Discovery of America
By Richard Rodriguez
(Penguin, 2003)
LOS ANGELES NOW interviewee Richard Rodriguez reflects on the color brown and meaning of Hispanics to the life of America today in this collection of essays.

The Global Soul: Jet Lag, Shopping Malls, and the Search for Home
By Pico Iyer
(Vintage, 2001)
Novelist and LOS ANGELES NOW interviewee Pico Iyer deciphers the cultural ramifications of globalization and the rising tide of worldwide displacement, beginning in Los Angeles International Airport.

Southern California: An Island on the Land
By Carey McWilliams
(Peregrine Smith Books, 1994)
First published in 1946, this historian’s classic book covers L.A. history from the 1920s to the 1940s.


L.A. Neighborhoods

PBS: American Family: East L.A.
Learn more about the history of East Los Angeles, which is home to the largest Hispanic community in the United States. Take the interactive multimedia tour to explore the area’s past and present.

Boyle Heights
This online collaboration features historic photos and documents that examine the history of L.A.’s Boyle Heights neighborhood.

Los Angeles Business Journal: “Koreatown’s Big Expansion”
How is a new generation of Korean American entrepreneurs changing the face of Koreatown? Read about the neighborhood’s recent changes.

BBC News: “L.A. Trouble Spot ‘Wiped’ From Map”
In 2003, the L.A. City Council officially changed dropped the “Central” in “South Central Los Angeles.” Find out more about this troubled neighborhood’s past and future.

AsianWeek: “The Chinese Beverly Hills”
Learn more about the history of Monterey Park, the first American city to have an Asian American majority population.

KCET: Huell’s Interactive LA
Join Huell Howser on an online tour of L.A. neighborhoods and quirky sights, from the Self-Realization Fellowship Shrine to the Thai Elvis.

Chinese Americans in Los Angeles
Read a brief history of Chinese Americans in L.A. from the 1800s to the present. View a timeline and various oral histories on this site from the Chinese American Museum.

San Fernando Valley History Blog
Check out author Kevin Roderick’s ValleyBlog for the latest Valley news, found photos, insights and historical facts.


L.A. References

Los Angeles Almanac: Demographics, History, Statistics
Billed as “the most comprehensive Internet source for facts and statistics about Los Angeles County,” this site includes maps, census data, seismic activity and weather and traffic conditions. Search info by topic, from Arts to Vital Statistics.

MSN Encarta: Los Angeles
Find out more about L.A.’s history, culture and contemporary issues and get other useful facts from this online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia: Los Angeles
Get L.A. stats and demographics and learn more about the city: this site covers topics from geographic layout and seismic activity to stereotypes and sites of interest.

Los Angeles: Past, Present & Future
Maintained by members of the University of Southern California’s Information Services Division, this site contains a wealth of info on L.A. “yesterday, today and tomorrow.” Browse extensive links to archival resources, historic guides and more.

Lonely Planet World Guide: Los Angeles History
Read about the earliest Angelenos and the incorporation of the city of Los Angeles on this Lonely Planet site.

The Social and Public Art Resource Center
SPARC produces, preserves and conducts educational programs about community-based public art and has created murals throughout Los Angeles. Browse the online gallery and find out more about SPARC projects.

Los Angeles Government Sources
Published by California State University at Northridge’s University Library, this site includes official links for L.A. city and county-related sites, such as service directories, community home pages, online economic and demographic statistics and local education facts.



The Brookings Institution: Latino Growth in Metropolitan America: Changing Patterns, New Locations
This paper discusses the migration patterns of America’s fastest-growing ethnic group, examining wide variations in the rate and location of Latino growth in different types of metropolitan areas. (Available as a PDF download.)

National Immigration Forum
The Forum strives to “embrace and uphold America's tradition as a nation of immigrants.” Learn more about current immigration policy and legislation, get links to community resources and get info about the immigration process and debate.

PBS: Online NewsHour: The Browning of America
Richard Rodriguez, an interviewee in LOS ANGELES NOW and the author of The Browning of America, discusses the changing face of America in this essay.

History of Migration and Immigration Laws in the United States
Read a brief history of U.S. immigration laws and their impact on the nation, from the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Acts to the 1965 Immigration Act that eliminated “natural origins” quotas and paved the way for L.A.’s future as a truly multicultural city.

PBS: Independent Lens: The New Americans
Follow the stories of a diverse group of new immigrants to America and find out more about immigration myths and realities on this PBS Web site.

PBS: The City/La Ciudad
Learn about immigration issues and facts and view a timeline on this bilingual PBS Web site for this documentary about the stories and struggles of Latin American immigrants.



PBS: Digital TV: A Cringely Crash Course
Get a crash course on the future of television, including a page on the many faces of HDTV.

HDTV Magazine
Get links to the latest business and technology news from this HDTV information portal.

Howstuffworks: How HDTV Works
Get the facts about HDTV: why it’s different, who’s broadcasting it, how to take advantage of it and what it is.

HDTV Television: An Introduction
Find out more about the movement towards HDTV and some related technological challenges and issues.

Current Briefing: Public TV Goes Digital and High-Definition
Browse articles from Current, a public broadcasting publication, on digital television and public television. Get links to related Web sites.

HDTV Galaxy
Billed as the “definitive HDTV resource center,” this site contains info on HD-capable stations and up-to-date broadcast listings and a FAQ for both the industry and consumers.




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