Traumatic Brain Injury

A close-up of a Oakley “Tad” Hall, a twenty-something Caucasian man, with shoulder-length, greasy, dark hair brushed back from his forehead, ample eyebrows and Colonel Sanders-type facial hair wearing a striped collared shirt. He looks straight at the camera, not smiling. Sepia-toned image of late afternoon sunlight reflected on a river; a Warren truss railroad bridge spans the water, surrounded by autumn trees and a mountain on the horizon
You realize that what youšre looking at is someone with a piece missing…. 
Not someone who never had it, but someone who had it and it was taken away.

On a foggy night in July 1978, 28-year-old playwright Oakley “Tad” Hall III fell off a bridge in upstate New York. He survived, but his magnetic personality and whirlwind creativity did not. This is the haunting story of all that was lost when a young man on the verge of greatness suddenly disappeared.
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