MAKE ’EM DANCE: The Hackberry Ramblers’ Story

The Scrapbook
The Hackberry Ramblers co-founders Luderin Darbone (fiddler) and Edwin Duhon (accordionist) in their 90s. Now in their nineties, members of the Hackberry Ramblers have been playing a toe-tapping blend of Cajun music and Western swing for seven decades. 

Part band biography, part road movie, MAKE ‘EM DANCE keeps up with these “agin’ ragin’ Cajuns” on tour from the Louisiana bayou to MTV.
The Ramblers sound as spry and spicy as they did back in '36. 
—Rolling Stone
Archival photo of The Hackberry Ramblers in 1935. Floyd Rainwater, Luderin Darbone, Lonnie Rainwater and Lennis Sonnier.

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