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A young woman with her brown hair tied back in a knot, wearing a traditional Navajo dress of blue velveteen material with a silver belt and turquoise jewelry -- Text reads: This is no ordinary pageant… 

For more than half a century, the Miss Navajo Nation competition has showcased aspiring women leaders—and their fluency in sheep butchering, fry-bread making and Navajo history. 

Told through the journey of past and present pageant contestants, MISS NAVAJO examines the Navajo community’s struggle to preserve and maintain its  culture. More The Navajo seal depicting animals, mountains and branches and the sun encircled by red, yellow and blue rings with black arrowheads How do you say pageant in Navajo? Visit our language section to find out Enter our virtual pageant to learn more about Navajo culture A wide expanse of open land with a jagged rock formation--Text reads: One of the things I've discovered is that once you're Miss Navajo, you're always Miss Navajo
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