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Frank Popper holding a camera on a city street, with headphones around his neck

Frank Popper

Frank Popper is a former high school English teacher who accidentally discovered the wonders of photography when he wandered into the art department and watched a photo teacher enlarging a black-and-white negative. He decided to leave teaching and become a photographer. Over the course of several years, photography morphed into multimedia, and finally, filmmaking.

Popper produced The Lounge People, a feature film starring Buck Henry, Christine Ebersole, Amanda Plummer and B.D. Wong, which aired on Starz. He was principal videographer of EROICA!, a documentary that aired on Independent Lens about the Eroica Trio's collaboration with a classical music composer. CAN MR. SMITH GET TO WASHINGTON ANYMORE? is his first feature-length documentary.

Matt Coen

Matt Coen is the CEO and founder of myCapture, Inc., a company that works with major media companies and other businesses and organizations to help them integrate photos into their websites and make them available for purchase. Before starting myCapture, Coen was co-founder and CEO of, Inc., an online high school network that partnered with newspapers.

Earlier in his career, Coen oversaw daily operations, headed strategic planning and developed and implemented an Internet strategy at Public Voice for Food and Health Policy, an advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. From 1992 to 1994, Coen served as a manager and consultant to a number of congressional and senatorial campaigns. He holds a B.A. from Connecticut College.

Michael Kime

Michael Kime is a partner in the St. Louis, Missouri law firm of Sauerwein, Simon, Blanchard & Kime. His legal practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions and finance.

Originally a native Louisianan and graduate of Louisiana State University’s law school, Kime moved to St. Louis in 1994. Actively involved in grassroots politics, he served on the Missouri Steering Commission for Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign and managed ground operations for that effort in St. Louis. He has also served as campaign manager and in other positions in various local elections.

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