NEGROES WITH GUNS: Rob Williams and Black Power

Radio Free Dixie

Black and white photo circa 1960: an African American man and woman, Rob and Mabel Williams, he in a short Afro, her hair straightened but short, both wear white button-down shirts and look very serious as they stand shoulder-to-shoulder, facing left; each holds a handgun, poised to shoot  

Rob Williams and Mao Zedong stand facing each other while two Chinese men in military uniform watch from behind. Williams is wearing dark sunglasses, a suit and tie, Chairman Mao in uniform. They both look down at a book in Zedong’s hand, Williams is smiling. 
Text reads:
To us there was no Constitution, no such thing as moral persuasion—the only thing left was the bullet.
—Rob Williams
When civil rights crusader Rob Williams urged African Americans to draw
their guns on violent racists, he became the most feared man in America.

Challenging the Klan-dominated establishment and mainstream civil rights
leaders, Williams struggled to earn respect, dignity and equality for all Americans.
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