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NEGROES WITH GUNS: Rob Williams and Black Power

Radio Free Dixie


Radio Free Dixie

Rob Williams sits across a table from Mabel Williams a large radio microphone hangs between them.  A handmade sign hangs from the table and says, “Radio Free Dixie” with a drawing of horse and rider in motion.

From a recording studio in Havana, Cuba, Rob and Mabel Williams broadcast music of the African American freedom movement and gave voice to the ongoing fight against racial oppression.

Listen to songs and show excerpts from “Radio Free Dixie” below:

Show Excerpts  /   Music
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Mabel introduces Rob, who delivers an editorial on America’s dangerous and “racist social jungle.” (2:08)
September 11, 1964

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“A Change is Gonna Come” (4:05)
Performed by: Otis Redding

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“Old Jim Crow (It's All Over Now)”
Performed by: Nina Simone

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“Ballad of Old Monroe” (4:05)
Performed by: Pete Seeger

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“Meeting Over Yonder” (2:14)
Performed by: The Impressions

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“Christo Redentor” (3:17)
Performed by: Donald Byrd

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“Crying Who, Crying You” (5:00)
Performed by: Josh White
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Mabel praises “hep” musicians who are “becoming ever more conscious of current universal social problems.” (3:00) January 21, 1966

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Rob Williams reacts to the “hollow victory” of President Lyndon Johnson’s appointment of Robert C. Weaver, the first African American cabinet member. (3:11)
January 21, 1966

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Rob’s “Freedom Now or Death” speech (2:33) July 30, 1965

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