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MURALS (Featured on The New Americans Web Site)

The Great Wall of Los Angeles >
Judith F. Baca and over 400 community members

The History of Negro Education in Morris County, Texas >
John Biggers

Incredibles Las Cosas Q' Se Ven >
Jeff Zimmerman

Maestrapeace >
Juana Alicia, Miranda Bergman, Edythe Boone, Susan Kelk Cervantes, Meera Desai, Yvonne Littleton, Irene Perez and volunteers

Maria Y Libertad >
Edward Beánes, Rosina Catalano, Daniel Flores, Arturo Jacinto, Griselda Jacinto, Amanda Jacobs, Felipe Tayson, Ana Toscano, Gerson Toscano, Silvia Toscano

Our Lady >
Gzer, Jex, Midzt, WGS

Puerto Rican Woman >
Michelle Ortiz

Saint Sebastien >
James De La Vega

Secret Book (Philadelphia Reads) >
Josh Sarantitis

Untitled (Arizona) >
Estevan Mireles and Antonio Pazos

The War at Home >
Nuke and Chose 1


The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) >
This California-based organization is dedicated to public and community art.
View murals including The Great Wall, Chicano murals, graffiti and more.

The Art of the Mural >
Muralist Judith Baca writes a comprehensive and personal overview about the Latino mural tradition in Los Angeles.

Public Art in L.A. >
The site's mural section is part of a larger project based at the University of Southern California to document the city's past, present and future.

University of Arizona Library: Chicano Murals in Tucson >
Essay and images documenting Tucson's dynamic mural scene.

Memorial Walls >
Young graffiti artists create murals commemorating the lives of victims of violence in New York City.

Contemporary Fresco Painting Resource Center >
Art portal devoted to all things fresco.

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AZ Central: Dia de los Muertos >
Special feature about Day of the Dead offrendas. Includes lesson plans and resources.

"A Church Away From Church: Home Altars Provide the Intimate Touch for Prayer" >
A Washington Post article about home altars of different denominations.

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Earth Henna >
Information, photos, henna body painting kits and resources.

The Henna Page >
An educational resource devoted to the science and art of henna.

Fabius, Carine. Mehndi: The Art of Henna Body Painting
(Three Rivers Press, 1998)
An accessible guide and resource to the traditional art of henna body painting. Includes henna history and illustrations.

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Africa Online: Nigerian Music >
An overview of Nigerian music and artists.

Nigeria Arts.net: Music >
A comprehensive sampling of Nigerian music and musicians.

Village Music >
Select biographies of Nigerian musicians.

Afropop Worldwide >
Companion Web site to PRI public radio program dedicated to African music and the music of the African diaspora.

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Bolly What >
The newcomer's guide to Bollywood.

About.com: Bollywood >
Article about the popularity of Bollywood films.

Showbiz India >
The Entertainment Tonight of Bollywood, this syndicated television program includes video clips, news, film reviews and interviews with Bollywood celebs.

Bollywood Online: The Magazine >
Fan site.

Bollywood World >
Fan site.

Planet Bollywood >
Fan site.

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Ammas.com: Cooking >
Resource for Indian cooking, recipes and ingredients.

Aunt Clara's Dominican Kitchen >
"Dominican culinary culture" including recipes, ingredients and history.

Bukky Enterprises: African Food Wholesalers >
A distributor of food and ingredients common in African cooking.

Frieda's >
This specialty produce and food supplier's online catalog includes Asian and Latin foods.

Gourmet Sleuth.com: Mexican Recipes >
A comprehensive source on authentic Mexican cooking with recipes, history and ingredients.

The Habiba Chaouch Foundation: Taste of the Middle East >
Recipes from Arab countries.

Melissa's >
"Delivering the global market," Melissa's distributes specialty produce from around the world, including a variety of Mexican chilies.

Online Nigeria.com: Pepper Soup >
Includes many variations on the Pepper Soup theme, plus additional Nigerian recipes.

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Word Origins.org >
A resource on English etymology, or words and their sources.

"Spanish's Arab Connection" >
Article describing the connections between Spanish, Arabic and English.

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